Double cum blast

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Lexi Sindel
Femdom Pornstars

Lexi has kept her personal slave in chastity for 4 weeks, she is so generous to finally let him out for a milking. Lexi puts a twist on his release from chastity, she is going to give him 10 min to cum.... If he can cum twice in the the 10 min he only has to be locked in chastity for an additional week, if he can only cum one time his cock will be locked away for another month before release again. Lexi milks his cock and makes him flip over for a direct humiliating shot into his own mouth. Lexi continues to stroke his cock while it is super sensitive right after his orgasm ruining the please with post cum torture. She manages to get it hard again but will he be able to prove his devotion and cum twice in 10 min to meet her demands!!

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