Lost Bet

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Lexi Sindel
Femdom Pornstars

Lexi, Megan, Chris are playing a friendly game of poker when things start going bad for Chris. Chris is sure he has a hand that neither one of the girls can beat unfortunately he has no more money to bet so he antes up with his clothing and the promise that they can to anything they want to him if he loses. Lexi and Megan take that bet and continue playing. Lexi wins the hand and really wants to make the loser pay with her strap-on. She fucks him in the ass with the windows wide open so neighbors and passing cars can see him taking it up the ass and being humiliated. Lexi gives him a good hard ass fucking then kicks him out of her house without his pants. The loser is completely publicly humiliated, he has to run home with no pants while the girls just laugh at his unfortunate loss.

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