Wet for my Date

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Jessi Palmer
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Mistress Jessie keeps her pleasure slave chained to the bondage bed in her dungeon, ready to satisfy her in any way she pleases. The look of a man helplessly bound for her to have her way with is such a turn on. Mistress Jessie going out tonight and she wants to make sure she her pussy is very wet and ready to take cock from her date. Jessie straddles her slaves face and explains how expects several orgasms by his tongue in the next few minutes. Jessie has him start my licking her black latex panties, telling him how wet she wants to make her pussy for her date later. She puls her panties aside and instructs him how to lick her cunt just the way she wants. She grinds her pussy on his face with his tongue inside her and has an intense orgasm filling her pussy with creamy cum. She doesnt stop there.... she is greedy with her orgasms and deserves to get as many as she wants. When Jessies pussy is creamy wet and satisfied from several orgasms she leaves for a night out, she keeps the slave chained to the bed with the taste and smell of her pussy on his face so all he will think about is her while she is gone.

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