Milked Dry

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Lexi Sindel
Femdom Pornstars

This patient has been complaining of having a bad stomach ache, Lexi has a great way to clear his tubes out. Nurse Lexi restrains the patient, telling him some men have an overwhelming response to the procedure. Once the patient is secure she examines his cock and balls and she tells him his testicular tubes may be blocked and causing the discomfort. Lexi lubes up her milking machine and places it over his cock. The machine begins sucking his cock making it instantly hard, she turns up the stroke length and increases the suction. No man can the milking device. Lexi smiles sadistically as the unit strokes up and down bringing him closer to the edge of orgasm. When the patient yells out, I am going to cum! she removes the tube from his cock and watches the cum spurts far out of his cock with force. She uses a syringe to suck up the cum and squirts it into his mouth. He feels much better after that orgasm.

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