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Odd how all these brats are so quick to remember their manne

Dont let her looks fool you. Spanking this wildcats ass was

She spells her surname with an o but, the quintessential vix

She was late, she spoke ill of our facilities and she even i

She promised us that she would arrive on time and ready to w

And all the while this brat went on about how she was a grow

Wooo-Weee! You should have heard how she carried on once her

Her chosen name not withstanding, shes no angel and you can

Chilly as a February breeze she was, but our man was more th

Nikki is the unscrupulous agent who sent Charlette our way a

Charlette failed to exhibit appropriate obeisance in the pre

Her pretty little mouth opened and therein a highly acidic t

The featured entre on todays menu is a mouthwatering, piping

Though she be feisty and rude in equal measure, her fine bot

Swellheaded she was but her exquisite bottom would soon get

Willful young sirens should know better than to wiggle their

Also, feel free to use the content contained within these ga

Adorable she be but naughty too she is and so for her its ov

Oftentimes its the most glamorous specimens who are most in

Horror movie scream queen is given a real reason to scream.

Ella is given a guiding hand . . . where it ll do the most g

It s spanking galore for this French whore !

Taming a sharp clawed cougar !

It s a trip to the woodshed for this wicked belle !

Sizzling hot pornstar thrashed for her sinful ways !

Her name might be Rebecca but she ain t from no Sunnybrook F

A real beauty she be, but her manners! Not so much.

Imperious strumpet who s conceit rivals even that of the myt

Nice girls don t smoke. But then again, Mandy s not a nice g

Kelly is very much renowned for her exquisite bubble butt. A

This barroom stripper has emptied many a good man s wallet.

A blonde hottie who s honesty is, shall we say, not beyond r

Chilly blonde who s accentuated coolnessity cries out for a

Wicked temptress suffers stinging retribution for her sins.

Impertinent she is but her exquisite hindquarters jiggle and

This sinful siren has had this coming for longer than any ge

Cheroot puffing city girl gets her fancy tail whooped like a

A blonde who personifies the blonde stereotype to the 9th de

An surly wench who s given to not so occasional outbursts of

Quintessential big city girl who s ego and makeup are both o

A classic beauty with an uncommonly fine ass had best not sa

This little Rock Roll cutie has quite the voice! A little of

She has a voracious appetite for shiny pricey things. But sh

Fiery hot redhed has her sweet ass turned an even hotter sha

The quintessential wicked woman spanked red raw.

Her love of money is so far beyond unseemly that it s actual

Just google her name and you ll see why this one has an espe

Sometimes a regular spanking just isn t enough.

Another pretentious supermodel wannabe in need of a down-hom

She let her success go to her head, but that s okay... we go

Spanking is oftentimes referred to as the English Vice, but

Alina here is extremely hot in the classical sense of the wo

She s a pretty girl but she has a patrician attitude the lik

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